An international private leased circuit (IPLC) is a point-to-point private line used by an organization to communicate between offices that are dispersed throughout the world. An IPLC can be used for internet access, data exchange, video conferencing and other forms of communications.

What features does an IPLC include?

The features included with an IPLC are driven in good part by the carrier providing the services; however, most carriers offer the following features at a minimum:

  • guaranteed bandwidth and high-speed data delivery, with consistent availability, reliability and performance;
  • fully managed and supported infrastructure that enables organizations to transmit data, voice, video and internet to and from nearly any place in the world;
  • private, dedicated line free from the bandwidth, contention and privacy issues that come with public networks;
  • support for multiple circuit speeds and bandwidth capacities to meet changing workload requirements;
  • OSS delivery model that provides a single point of contact and eliminates the need to negotiate services with multiple carriers; and
  • high degree of security that minimizes the risks of data being compromised or corrupted.

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